A philosophical comedy-drama about two struggling actors who contemplate - and live out - alternative futures both together and apart.

"Laughing Branches" is a short film written, directed and produced by Missy Malek; starring Tom Hanson, Leo Suter and Missy Malek. 

A message from the director:

"Laughing Branches" is primarily about the anxiety of being young and ambitious, incorporated with a philosophical theory about infinite universes that I have always been most fascinated by. Largely inspired by the earlier works of Richard Linklater, particularly "Waking Life", I have always been attracted to mind-game films that have an element of groundlessness and irresolution, whilst still being able to maintain a sense of heart and lightness. 

However, on a deeper level, "Laughing Branches" is about the search for objectivity and the 'right' answers, as both the characters and the audience, who are trying to make sense of the events of the film in the process of watching it, attempt to do this. This is significant as we are at a time where the value of truth is being most challenged, and where self-proclaimed 'alternative facts' (presented as alternative universes in the film) are, for the first time, being openly embraced by the mainstream media. Our commonly accepted, most basic epistemological ideas regarding the criteria of justification for truth claims, being shifted. We are being constantly inundated by different versions of the same story, with people vehemently defending their version of the story with utter conviction. We are seeing the desire for what people think will make them happy, causing them to resort to destructive measures, before waking up to the fact that their problems remain unsolved. This breathlessness, this continuous, aggressive, tiresome search to for the right answers and happiness, feels to me, particularly overwhelming at this time.

We had a great time at all stages in the making of "Laughing Branches", working alongside some of my oldest friends, and we hope you enjoy watching the film as much as we enjoyed making it. 

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